Well, I did it!

Well, I did it!

After a 7 hour flight over the Atlantic Ocean, I made it through to the UK! My first experience in a different country. It definitely seems incredibly overwhelming, especially when I hardly had any contact with people to help me. What a day so far!

The flight went well, with a few minor bumps. 1) my tv didn’t work so I couldn’t listen to music or watch movies. So, I had to switch. 2) I got situated in my new seat and had my dinner and finally started to try to sleep, and then the boy next to me just kept whacking me in the arm while he was sleeping, scaring me awake. After my solid hour of sleep, landing went well. I got through the UK border agency and customs, and my bags were returned to the correct place. I then had to exit to the terminal and find the taxi driver waiting with my name on a piece of paper. Well, because I’m really just that unlucky, I couldn’t find my driver. After an hour of searching, I gave up and tried to call Arcadia Staff based here in London. But because I am just that unlucky, my phone wouldn’t let me make any calls. At all. To anyone. But thankfully I was able to borrow a phone and call, after carting 80 pounds of luggage around the terminal.

After my driver arrived, I actually had a great time because he was hysterical. Even though I made a fool of myself trying to get in the car on the right side where the driver sits, and I’m pretty sure he is judging all Americans now because I said we use Fahrenheit and the
English system.

However, my bad luck did not seem to run out. I was originally put into a single hotel room for the next 4 days. After I got cleaned up and slightly unpacked, I receive a phone call telling me I have to leave the room because they were switching me with a boy who was incorrectly places with a girl. But, I’m not complaining about this because she is incredibly nice and I enjoy talking to her.

After my long day of traveling and getting situated, all I can think about is sleeping because it’s almost 8 now, and it’s weird to think that everyone I know is just getting done work or class right now.

I’m a little overwhelmed by this big city because I honestly have no clue what I am doing or where to go. I am not a city girl so we’ll see how this adjustment goes. I hope everything goes smoothly because I am already starting to feel a little nervous. But it’s only the first day, so hopefully I can find my way around quickly.


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