Day of firsts!


Well what a great day off from orientation! I was able to meet up with fellow Lehigh students today of whom lived on my floor freshman year! One is also studying in London and one came down for the weekend from Edinburgh! It was nice to meet up with familiar faces while we meandered through the British Museum. To our surprise we saw the Rosetta Stone in the first room we entered, which was really fascinating. We also saw a lot of mummies and different ways they were preserved, as well as various artifacts from different cultures all over the world!

We then ventured over to Hyde Park which I had never been to, and my friend had a wonderful idea to rent bikes (here they’re called cycles!) and ride them around the park. It was fun just getting out of the city scene for a bit and getting some fresh air riding through the trees and scenery.

I then realized I had to find my way back to the hotel, by myself! So I became a super tourist and whipped out my map and phone (yes, I used a paper map!) to find which way I had to go, where the nearest tube station was, and which line I had to go on. I am actually very proud of myself for successfully battling rush hour London tube traffic by myself on a Saturday.

Another first today, fish and chips! ie cod and French fries. But I was happy to finally say I have had the iconic London fish and chips. Now all I have left is have afternoon tea and I’ll have checked off all my British tourist food bucket list items (since there aren’t many to begin with!).

Tomorrow is move in day, so I get to meet my roommate and finally stop living out of bags! Hooray!


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