What a weekend!

What a whirlwind of a weekend! I don’t even know where to begin!

Thursday night I decided to do an LSE trip to the London eye and do a bankside tour. What a great decision. We rode the eye during sunset, and it was beautiful. We were able to get great views in the light and dark. After that, we were given a tour walking down the river, learning about all the major buildings and pubs. (Can’t forget the pubs!)


Saturday was a jam packed day thanks to another tour from LSE! We were able to go on a tour of Westminster Abbey! It was absolutely beautiful. I was privileged to see the coronation chair, as well as the graves of many past Kings and Queens, Isaac Newton, Charles Dickens, and George Fredric Handel! I even walked under the archway Kate Middleton did when she walked to the altar to marry Prince William! Then we hiked over to Buckingham Palace to see the changing of the guard. It was packed with people! After battling the massive crowds, we took a boat ride down the Thames to the Tower of London. Fortunately we got lucky and were able to see Tower Bridge open for a boat that was coming through! What a sight! The Tower of London was also incredibly fascinating, as I got to see the Crown Jewels! Hundreds of years of kings and queens crowns are stored and guarded within the Tower of London and I’m so happy I can say I’ve finally see them. The Tower of London was full of stories and little exhibits that told the story of almost 1000 years of English history. It was so fascinating, I made a second trip back on Sunday to see it! I think all in all I also walked a total of at least 9 or 10 miles just Saturday and Sunday. Definitely don’t have to worry about gaining weight here!





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