Birthday weekend


Well I definitely had an exciting few days to say the least! (And it’s not even my birthday yet!) These past few days have been jam packed with so much going on, I can hardly keep up!

This past Tuesday night, I was so thrilled to see my first live musical in London: Phantom of the Opera. It was definitely a great choice to begin with. The sets and music was phenomenal. Even the special effects for a play blew my mind. It was a beautiful story with even more beautiful music that I still have on repeat when I do my homework.

Thursday night I was fortunate enough to see the one and only Dan Radcliffe! (Yes, that’s Harry Potter.) I found out about one of his movies premiering just a ten minute walk away. How could I not go? Me and two friends decided to meander over to the area to see if we could get a glimpse of the action. Fortunately, we were just a few rows away from the red carpet! So, naturally as Daniel Radcliffe stepped out, people from all sides mobbed all around us. But I managed to get a few pictures and catch a glimpse! First celebrity sighting was a success!

Friday night a few friends and I decided to venture to a club called Propaganda. I have decided that London clubs (from what I’ve been to) are far better than any frat party you could ever go to. The music is better (and sometimes even American!) and (most) people are there just looking to have fun. And when they bring out songs like Stacy’s Mom and Sugar We’re Going Down, you know it’s going to be a good time. Little did I know I would be there until 2am to then beg taxi drivers to bring us back home, to then get a whopping 3 hours of sleep. But it was definitely worth it.

So having to be up at 6am after being out all night was not so ideal, but going to Stonehenge and Bath made up for it quite fast! Now, I have mixed feelings about Stonehenge. Everyone makes it out to be this big great attraction. Don’t get me wrong, it really is a wonder to see. But like all of the pamphlets said, how did it get there? What is the significance of it? Who knows. Being in the middle of nowhere, it’s something quite interesting. Just these large rocks piled on top of each other from over 4000 years ago. Supposedly it’s supposed to measure where the sun is in different months. However, it really is perturbing to know that historians and scientists still can’t figure out its true meaning.

After Stonehenge, we trekked our way to Bath. Now, I had never heard of Bath until I started my study abroad process. I doubt many of my readers will know what Bath is either. It truly is a beautiful place though. It is such a quaint town with so much history ranging from the Romans all the way to the 19th century. The Roman Bath houses were actually incredibly fascinating with all the architecture and engineering that went into the design. The mineral water, which was the basis of why they built these bath houses, however was not so delicious, as we were allowed to drink it. Nevertheless, being able to spend just a few hours in this historic town made me want to do so much more traveling. There is so much of the UK and Europe to see, that one in their lifetime cannot possibly see it all.

The ride home back to London was even more of a surprise. Now, I knew the UK had a lot of sheep, but boy did I see a lot of sheep. The landscape was absolutely incredible however. The rolling hills in the sunset actually looked like a scene from a dream. Never did I think such beauty could be held in some place so simple and unknown. The pictures just didn’t do it justice.

As I sit here reminiscing on just a simple day trip within the UK, I’m becoming increasingly more anxious and excited for my upcoming trips to Edinburgh, Amsterdam, Oxford, Canterbury, Munich, Paris, and now in the process of planning Milan! Never did I think such a wonderful opportunity would arise in my lifetime.


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